Hello everyone!

Thank you for clicking on my blog whether it was intentional or not, I hope you will enjoy what you read.

I am currently a freshman at UC-Denver. If I’m not studying hard in the library, tweeting to pass the time in class, working as a tutor, or updating my fantasy basketball team, I will be daydreaming about becoming a sports journalist one day.

To say it simply, I love watching sports. Having played on winning and losing teams myself, I understand the emotion that takes place within every practice, game, and everything going on behind the scenes.

I found my passion in high school for sports journalism and someday I will become a well-known sports journalist. (Watch out Rick Reilly.)

Any feedback will be great unless it’s negative. Just kidding. Let me know what you think and if you love it, please share it with others!

8-Evan Batten



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